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Create as many words as you can in Worder! Match the corresponding letters as quickly as possible to rack up the points and win!
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I disagree aolsmt entirely. Drag may be extremely freeing in that the point of drag is (to) be in a different persona so that you can discard your inhibitions and be larger than life, but it is at the expense of an entire class of person, while also reducing that class of person to mere object. In that regard it's just as selfish and mean-spirited as blackface. You're apparently solipsistically seeing it from the so-called liberated so-called minority point of view. While gay men (a minority) are the primary exponents of drag, it isn't exclusive to them and they are still men, in an empowered position. When white people did blackface they were similarly freed or disinhibited to act lazily, selfishly, and lasciviously—attributes that were pointedly associated with black people.I'd also posit that gay male drag performers are responsible for the most tacitly cruel and hurtful portrayals of women because some of them are truly misogynistic, in a way that's different from heterosexual male misogyny. By no means do I imply that all gay men are misogynistic, because many are extremely sympathetic to and empathetic with women, but there is indeed a hateful subset, even if the hate is subconscious.

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