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Vanzare Laptop - Constanta
Oferta | | Fotografie 19/02/2011, 2.54 PM
Vand Laptop Acer Extensa 5520 EX5220-050508Mi, 15.4 inch WXGA, Celeron, Intel GL960 cu GMA X3100 up to 358MB, 2 gb ram, 160 GB, DVD-RW, 802.11b/g WiFi,card reader 5-in-1, 6 cell,Bluetooth,wind 7, bateria tine putin.

Pret: 840 RON
Zona: Constanta, Tomis ll
Adaugat de: ingeruldiavollo | Persoana de contact: Razvan E | Telefon: 0722512280
Vizualizari: 586 | Valabil pana la: 19/06/2011 | Raging: 0.0/0
Total comentarii : 1
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1 Madan  
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